About us

Who are we?


Before we give you undisputed facts on why choose traveling with us as well as to Croatia, allow us to tell you a little bit more of how we came to this niche of travel industry and why we decided to become such experts in it.



We are a group of young (by soul, not so much age anymore… 😊) travel enthusiasts who happened to have had tight family connections to travelling and tourism. Some have been in the business as travel agents, some rent their properties while others simply travelled the world and decided to showcase Croatia to all travellers through eyes of a local.



Our team members have had their lives intertwined both privately and businesswise for years, when they decided to combine experiences and different career backgrounds into forming Hangout Croatia ltd. As a new fast-growing travel company based in Croatia with a simple mission – to bring modern travellers a true experience of our country. Another advantage we tend to emphasise is different parts of the country our team members are from giving you the assurance of all your itinerary details being handled on-site with verified and experienced staff.



Booking with us will bring you a stress-free planning of your trip to Croatia as we love to move every nook and cranny when it comes to making every itinerary tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any question, no matter how bizarre or strange you might think it is!


We at Hangout Croatia ltd pride ourselves with fast personal approach to all our travellers making sure you get the best value for money.



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